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06.24.2008MongoliaUlaan BaatarRe-entry into UB was a wet one.
06.24.2008MongoliaUlaan BaatarIt's over.
06.23.2008MongoliaTerelj National ParkMiraj Tourist Camp
06.23.2008MongoliaTerelj National ParkMy last campsite.
06.20.2008MongoliaDalanzadgadEntering the outskirts of my last aimag capital.
06.19.2008MongoliaNorth of BayandalaySunset aftermath.
06.18.2008MongoliaKhongeryn ElsThe Singing Dunes
06.18.2008MongoliaKhongeryn ElsView from the top.
06.18.2008MongoliaKhongeryn ElsClassic desert scenery.
06.17.2008MongoliaKhongeryn ElsJulchin Gobi 2 Tourist Camp
06.17.2008MongoliaKhongeryn ElsDunes and mountains.
06.16.2008MongoliaKhongeryn ElsFinally, the valley opens up.
06.16.2008MongoliaSouth of BulganSome curious gazelles visit my camp site at dawn.
06.16.2008MongoliaValley of a Thousand BendsA sampling of the many different rock formations in the valley.
06.16.2008MongoliaSouthwest of BulganCross country ridin'--view from the driver's seat.
06.15.2008MongoliaSouth of BulganThe Gurvan Saikhan Range awaits.
06.15.2008MongoliaBulganGood luck with that.
06.14.2008MongoliaBayanzagA lone camel stands watch over the cliffs.
06.14.2008MongoliaBayanzagContemplating the early explorations.
06.14.2008MongoliaBayanzagThe Flaming Cliffs.
06.13.2008MongoliaNorth of Mandal OvooCamel crossing.
06.12.2008MongoliaSouth of Saikhan OvooNice pose!
06.11.2008MongoliaNorth of BayangolMy track to Bayangol.
06.10.2008MongoliaSouth of ArvaykheerThings get uninteresting.
06.05.2008MongoliaSouth of Khishig-OndoorLeaving greener pastures behind.
06.03.2008MongoliaErdenetMongolia's version of urban sprawl--gerburbs.
05.30.2008MongoliaNorthwest of BulganThe everpresent gers.
05.29.2008MongoliaEast of Khutag-OndorMongolia's largest river--the Selenge.
05.29.2008MongoliaNorthwest of BulganBack into the wide open.
05.29.2008MongoliaEast of Khutag-OndorSand dunes next to the Selenge River.
05.28.2008MongoliaEast of Ikh-UulHorseman driving out his herd past my camp site.
05.28.2008MongoliaSoutheast of TarialanCamp life.
05.28.2008MongoliaEast of Ikh-UulWinter in May.
05.28.2008MongoliaSoutheast of TarialanStream crossing.
05.26.2008MongoliaSoutheast of TosotsengelDropping into the Selenge valley.
05.22.2008MongoliaJankhayLooking to Russia.
05.22.2008MongoliaSouth of KhatgalA horsewoman rides away.
05.21.2008MongoliaNorth of KhatgalSouth side of Khovsgol Lake.
05.21.2008MongoliaNorth of KhatgalEnjoying the lake...and a cold one.
05.20.2008MongoliaNorth of MoronA scenic lake NOT frozen.
05.18.2008MongoliaSouthwest of MoronDropping into the Delger valley again.
05.18.2008MongoliaMoronResults of the soak cycle.
05.17.2008MongoliaSouthwest of BurentogtokhDropping into the Delger valley.
05.16.2008MongoliaNortheast of SogootTrack of the day.
05.14.2008MongoliaSogootUlam and family.
05.13.2008MongoliaNorthwest of TeotsengelA brief shower produces a faint rainbow.
05.11.2008MongoliaSouth of TsetsuukhThe inquisitive yak/cow.
05.11.2008MongoliaTosotsengelMy two handlers in Tosotsengel.
05.10.2008MongoliaOutside TsakhirIcy cold water on the way.
05.10.2008MongoliaNorth of TsakhirAtop Solongotiyn Pass.
05.10.2008MongoliaNorth of TsakhirClosed for the season I presume.
05.09.2008MongoliaKhorgo Terkhyn Tsagaan NuurScoop sand to flush. Toilet paper not included.
05.09.2008MongoliaEast of TsakhirCamping in the Khoyd Terkh valley.
05.09.2008MongoliaKhorgo Terkhyn Tsagaan NuurWestern side of lake.
05.08.2008MongoliaKhorgo Terkhyn Tsagaan NuurThe Great White Lake.
05.07.2008MongoliaNorthwest of DongoyNo need for gps--just follow the lines.
05.06.2008MongoliaKhanway RiverTent park, complete with drunk man.
05.06.2008MongoliaTsetserlegClimbing out of the city.
05.06.2008MongoliaNorthwest of Ikh-TamirTrack of the day...smooooooth.
05.06.2008MongoliaNorthwest of Ikh-TamirTrack of the day.
05.01.2008MongoliaKharkhorinTemples at Erdene Zuu Khiid.
05.01.2008MongoliaEast of TsetserlegBefore the scary winds came.
05.01.2008MongoliaKharkhorinInterior of temple.
04.30.2008MongoliaEast of KharkhorinTaking a break.
04.30.2008MongoliaEast of KharkhorinOvoo--shamanistic offering at passes.
04.28.2008MongoliaWest of Ulaan BataarHere comes the wind.
04.27.2008MongoliaUlaan BataarReady to roll.
04.27.2008MongoliaWest of Ulaan BataarSteppe riding.
04.27.2008MongoliaUlaan BataarLeaving the city.
04.25.2008MongoliaUlaan BataarSukhabataar Square
04.25.2008MongoliaUlaan BataarGanden Monastery
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